Monday, January 28, 2013

Layers and Layers of Clothes

Marla and Darla used to get into a lot of trouble when they were the only small children still left in the nest. In fact, they were the youngest out of a whopping eight children. How Ms. Elaine raised eight children is quite a mystery to me, but I'm definitely sure she raised them all with humor and a stern face.

Overtime the twins piled up clothes on the floor. T-shirts, pants, jackets, underwear--they were all over the place! The two sisters remained occupied with school, boys, and recreation, and just left used or unwanted clothes on the bathroom floor (their closet was in the bathroom). They didn't have time for cleaning, but their momma sure fixed them.

She walked into the bathroom, and one glance told her everything she needed to know. "If you're not going to hang it on the hanger, then you're going to wear it. Every piece." After the girls slipped on all their clothing, Ms. Elaine made them sit down for two hours until they final realized that clothes were to be worn or hung up but not strewn out on the floor.

The brother Greg laughed and he laughed at his younger sisters, but that's ok. They had his number.


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