Family Memories

I love cataloging memories. Something about writing down a memory or event in my life gives me a thrill. It's probably the reason why I have an ongoing journal since 8th grade. In the "family memories," tag, I plan to write stories from my childhood or stories that my family has told me over time. Some of it may be misremembered or a little exaggerated for writing, but most of the events are true.  Please see the list below for characters that appear in the family stories.

Gillian side:
Ms. Elaine - the mother, grandmother of Boudreaux side.
Mr. Ulysse - father, grandfather of the Boudreaux side
Jimmy - the 1st son, 1st child
Greg -  the 2nd son, 2nd child
Peter - the 3rd son, 3rd child
Tonia - the 1st daughter, 4th child
Barry - the 4th son, 5th child
Chuck - the 5th son, 6th child
Marla - the 2nd daughter, 7th child, twin of Darla
Darla - the 3rd daughter, 8th child, twin of Marla

Brenda - married to Jimmy
Janet B - married to Greg
Janet K - married to Peter
Larry - married to Tonia
Suzanne - married to Barry
Trisha - married to Chuck
Bryan - married to Marla
Big Mike - married to Darla

Jimmy-Brenda -- Laurie and Wayne
Greg-Janet B -- Julie and Jenny
Peter-Janet K -- Brad, Kristen, and Scott
Tonia-Larry -- Misty and Shelly
Barry-Suzanne -- Chelsie and Logan
Chuck-Trisha -- Casey and Meghan
Marla-Bryan -- Maranda, Hannah, and Becky
Darla-Big Mike -- T-Mike and Matt


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